To complement our managed solutions, we’re happy to share our extensive knowledge of HR and related issues, making it accessible to business owners and managers through a range of flexible training programmes:

  • HR Training

We are able to provide training to help owners and managers develop their HR skills on topics including ‘Recruitment Selection’, ‘Managing Staff’, ‘Effective Appraisals’, and ‘Having Difficult Conversations’. Delivered personally by Indigo founder Louise Farrell, training can be provided one to one or to a group; it can be generic, or tailored to address the specific needs of an organisation.

  • Mentoring

As with our HR training, mentoring is delivered by Louise Farrell and can be one to one or group based. Louise supports business owners and managers with mentoring that’s tailored to their personal requirements, helping them to become more effective people managers. Louise can also mentor your junior HR staff, helping you to develop an in-house resource which will be capable of taking care of all HR issues internally.

  • Coaching

With the broad base of knowledge and practical experience that resides in our trusted associates, we’re able to provide coaching for a diverse range of non-HR skills including Leadership and Negotiating.

  • Outplacement

In the event that you need to let employees go, Indigo can support them with an outplacement service, helping them with career management, coaching and training to help them find alternative employment as quickly as possible.