It’s a term that’s much-used in HR, but what exactly does ‘employee relations’ mean? Our professional trade organisation, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), defines employee relations as: ‘an underlying philosophy, along with necessary attitudes and skills, rather than a specific management function or well-defined activity’.

However you define it, maintaining good employee relations in an organisation is vital to performance, and it’s essential that any issues are dealt with quickly, managed sensitively and resolved effectively in order to mitigate any impact on the business – and on the people working in it. There are many factors which can disturb the equilibrium, including relations between employees, between managers and staff, and the stresses which can arise from the structural changes your business will inevitably experience from time to time.

Skilled in workplace mediation, conflict resolution, conducting investigations into difficult or delicate matters, and managing redundancies, Indigo is equipped to help you deal with all aspects of employee relations. Working alongside you and your team, we can support you with expert advice to minimise the possibility of issues occurring in the first place, or we can be engaged to identify and address specific problems, making use of the wide range of HR tools we have at our disposal to bring resolution and ensure the best possible outcome for all the parties involved.