Job Evaluation

The Company

A pharmaceutical company.

The Problem

The company had agreed with the trade union to introduce job evaluation to the shop floor. Their in-house HR department whilst highly skilled did not have the experience of job evaluation or the available resources to run the project.

Our Approach

Working with the HR Department, Managers and Trade Union officials our associate:

  • Devised a project plan which was approved by senior management.
  • Assessed the job evaluation system and worked with the provider to customise the system for the company’s requirements.
  • Coached, trained and mentored the job evaluation panel or managers and trade union representatives.
  • Interviewed staff about their roles and devised job descriptions for the evaluation panel.
  • Developed a job evaluation manual to be used as a basis for ongoing evaluation panels.
  • Drove the job evaluation panel meetings to produce a rank order of jobs for the shop floor resulting in a new grading structure.

The Result

The job evaluated roles throughout the shop floor were agreed with the unions and a new grading and progression structure introduced. The company has since rolled the job evaluation system out to other parts of the site using their own HR Department who were mentored and trained by Indigo’s consultant.

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