Employee Development

The Company

Subsidiary to a large scientific research charity.

The Problem

Following an employee survey, it was discovered that the staff felt that there was no clear progression within the company. The company decided that they should look at their organisation structure to decide how to fulfil the needs of its staff.

Our Approach

Working with and through a group of employee representatives and their stakeholders from across the organisation we:

  • Reviewed the Organisation Structure.
  • Defined Roles.
  • Developed and Introduced Competencies.
  • Determined a Grading Structure.
  • Developed Organisation and Individual Development Paths.
  • Developed a Communications Strategy to Roll Out the Results of the Project.

The Result

A career development path was rolled out across the organisation which fulfilled the requests of the staff while also providing the company with a method of focussing, measuring and rewarding employees. This has had a positive impact on motivation, morale and employee retention.

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