Dismissing Employees

The Company

A family run furniture shop.

The Problem

A delivery driver had an accident whilst playing football causing injury to his shoulder. He had been performing badly and had already had a warning about his performance. The employee was signed off work by his doctor. Initially, he provided a medical certificate and communicated with the company. After some time he failed to provide medical certificates, preferring to give them to his football club for an insurance claim and failed to communicate.

Our Approach

  • Met with the owners of the company to acquire background information.
  • Explained:
    • the employment law in relation to contractual issues, possible disability, processes, access to medical records.
    • the potential risks such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims.
    • the recommended route for resolution of the situation.
  • Provided written communications and email & telephone support.

The Result

The employee was fairly dismissed; the shop employed another driver to continue with their sales. They have since expanded, opened another shop and employed Indigo again to support the expansion.

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