Change Management

The Company

A small printing company.

The Problem

The reduction of work from their largest client and a reduction in orders led to the need to reduce the number of employees.

Our Approach

  • Met with the owners of the company to acquire background information.
  • Explained:
    • the legalities of the situation in terms of contractual issues, statutory requirements, consultation.
    • the potential risks such as unfair dismissal or discrimination claims since the employee concerned suffered from depression.
    • the recommended route for resolution of the situation.
  • An Indigo consultant helped and supported the owners every step of the way from running the meetings with them to providing them with the appropriate advice, correspondence and calculations which were required to achieve a regrettable outcome of redundancy.

The Result

The company were very appreciative of the support and guidance given which resulted in a calm controlled result after a difficult and turbulent process. The company have since returned to Indigo for further advice.

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