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International HR Services

HR Services for businesses that operate in countires other than the UK are designed to reflect the very different employment regime that can prevail - especially in territories outside the EU. When a business is venturing abroad, it is crucial to have a robust understanding of domestic work practices, local recruitment pitfalls and the employment law of the country it is entering long before it arrives. This is equally as true for businesses aquiring or working in operations in foreign territories as it is for those establishing offices from scratch.

At Indigo HR Consulting, we offer a completely flexible outsource solution to your International HR management needs. We have expertise in:

  • International Employment Law
  • Recruiting outside your Home Territory
  • Employment implications of foreign Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Employee relations in foreign territories
  • Negotiating with Works Councils and cross-border Trade Unions
  • Outsourcing
  • International Compensation and Benefits

Outsourcing International HR Management with Indigo HR Consulting allows a business to engage specialist skills to address short-term or project-based requirements without the expense of building an in-country team.

To find out more about the challenges of establishing business operations in another country and understand how we can help please contact Louise Farrell today on 0845 0039456.