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Top 10 Reasons to Train your Employees

1. Increase productivity
If staff know what they’re doing and are properly trained, the Company’s productivity will increase with better quality service/products and more efficient staff.

2. Reduce employee turnover
Investing in your employees will make them feel that you are interested in developing their skills and they may stay with the Company longer.

3. Decrease need for supervision
How many times have your managers said that they can’t do something because they are still "minding" an employee? Free up managers time and effort and empower employees to do the work themselves.

4. Increase ability to incorporate new technologies
Keeping up to date with technology is a constant battle. Ensuring that your employees are current with technology with not only enable the to do their job better but also ensures that your Company is at the forefront when it comes to the competition.

5. Increase safety to decrease work-related injury/illness
Training in health and safety will reduce the amount of work based injuries which occur. This protects not only the employee, but also the employer when it comes to possible corporate manslaughter charges.

6. Maintain employee credentials/certifications
Maintaining credentials is cheaper than allowing them to expire and starting again. Ensure that the hard won qualifications of your employees remain up to date with regular training.

7. Help employees meet new responsibilities
Would you allow your 17 year old to drive a car without any driving instruction? Then why do Companies promote employees to new positions without giving them the necessary skills to perform their new role effectively? Training for newly promoted employees is beneficial to both the Company and the employee in terms of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

8. Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees
A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Training increases the well being of employees and reduces absenteeism, mistakes and stress in the workplace – always beneficial for a Company

9. Enhance company image, e.g. conducting diversity training
PR is increasingly important in the Corporate world. Gaining an accreditation such as IIP (Investors In People) can be prestigious in terms of promoting the Company and ensuring that people would like to work for, and with the organisation.

10. Enhance risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training
Training in essential areas will reduce the risks associated with employing people and potential Employment Tribunal claims. Remember, the average cost of just defending a Tribunal claim is around £10K. And that’s excluding an award made against you!

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